Permanent make-up

Do you want to have permanent make-up or just to have a little bit stronger face at any time of the day and without an effort? It is the right time to have permanent make-up.

  • I outline a resultant tattoo with a special marker. I advise you what type of shape could be good right for you – considering your face
  • You do not have to be worry, because I use the most modern anesthetic in liniment or spray
  • Look through the photos of tattoos (attention! The color is very intensive in the first week but during a month could be the rest of the color just around 40% – it oxidates to the right tone, which I show you before the tatoo)

Lip treatment

Lips can be enlarged or we can modify the shape, fallen conner, ect. Lips can be shaded so naturally that nobody could find out the differences. I can depict just a contour. The shade is chosen by our agreement.

Lip contour price –  3 500,- Kč, full lip color: + 1 000,- Kč

Eye Lines

You can choose – upper or bottom. It could be done as a thin line along the eyelash roots to highlight and enlarge the eye or the classic lines. The lower eyelids could be done by the line or by dots for fine impression.

Eye line price: 2 – 2 500,- Kč. Both of them or just a bit of lower eyelids – the price is by the agreement from 500,- Kč.

Whole face tattoo

– 1 pair of lines for free!


They frame your face, that is why I well pre-draw it and after our agreement I shade it or sketch hairs. The colors are mixed by the type of the customers.
Price eyebrows:  3 500,- Kč

!!! Attention: Special offer!!!

If it is done 2 of acts, for example lines and lips – DISCOUNT 500,- Kč
Whole face tattoo – LINES FOR FREE

Tattoo freckles: 500,- Kč

Tattoo pictures permanent colors: 1000,- Kč and more. It depends on complexity and size of picture, which you can choose from the cataloge in salon Sedmikráska, Haškova street 2, České Budějovice (it is near the Medical and Construction school) or you can bring your own picture

I have had practice in tattoo for 12 years (since 1998). All of materials are one-off. Tattoo colors have testimonials of EU. Permanent make-up holds by the type of customer 2-5 years. The corrections after this period cost by the condition of tattoo from 1 000,- Kč to 3 500,- Kč. The price of tatoo includes the correction and quality anesthetic gel. First correction is after one month.

What does tattoo involve?

  • 24 hours before: DO NOT consume any alcohol, drugs, medicaments(Acylpyrine, analgetic/Ibuprofenum…)
  • 12 hours before: NO Coca-colla, coffee, make-up – just light daily cream on the day of tattoo: HAVE a good meal, a lot of water, NO stress and the result will be 200%(hypoglycaemia)
  • (at least) 3 days before: NO solarium NO strong sun
  • min. 1 month before permanent make-up and 1 month after PM: DO NOT use medicaments for immunity, diet, clearing cure, Wobenzym…
  • after healing of herpes – it must be 1 month. The client who suffers from herpes and who wants lip tattoo HAS TO prepare the lips: 14 days before the act: has to use 1000mg vitamin C daily, divided into several small daily doses. The usage will continue even 1 week after the act. You have to request your doctor for a prescription of Herpesin, which is used 2 days before and after the act. It is good to use some liniment against the herpes on the day of tattoo and after it as well. Not observing this cure may result in denger of large herpes and loss of the color.
  • It is not advisable to have menses or any inflammatory illness or stronger running nose.


I apply the strong anesthetic gel and anesthetic into your eyes before the act.
The market introduces better and more efficient products, colors every year. I pass out a training seminar twice a year about PM and tattoo. That is why you can always look forvard to something new – anesthetic, procedures, colors…

How to take care of PM and tattoo?

  • After the tattoo of lips or eyebrows it is necessary to suck up by paper tissue to keep tattoo constantly dry, cca every 2 hours. (if it is necessary – even at night)
  • Do not lubricate links and eyebrows. I recommend you to use liniment on your lips after PM which I can sell you. (for 100,- Kč).
  • Until healing scabs (cca a week) The tattoo can not come to contact with: water, cream, make-up, hair spray..
  • For a month it is not advisable to visit solarium, sauna, direct sun, do deep face cleaning. Do not use any treatments (for diets, imunity, detoxification).